Drifting Off To New Horizons…

Dear Friends,

In the coming weeks I’ll be playing my last shows in Seattle for the foreseeable future. Come January, I’ll be moving to Israel. While there, I’ll be working on my next project, a record called Does The Land Remember Me?

I don’t know much about it, I’m still in the very early stages of planning. It’s going to be a record about Israel and about Palestine; about the people who’ve lived in that tiny strip of contested land.

I’ve been telling folks I hope it’ll be like Sufjan Stevens’ great record Illinois, a concept record that’s loved by Illinois natives but also by those who have no interest in Chicago or Champaign, Illinois because the songs address a broader human condition, even if on the outside it seems they’re about Illinois-specific things like Casimir Pulaski Day.

I know that I need to be amongst the people I’m writing about to achieve what I’m beginning to envision. So I’ll trade salmon for shawarma, pine trees for prickly pear and Mt. Ranier for Mt. Zion.

Thank you for your support during the years that I’ve played music in this city. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Below are my last two Seattle shows.

10/14/14 – The Round @ Fremont Abbey w/ Galen of Pickwick & Alessandra Rose Tickets
10/21/14 – Barboza w/ OK Sweetheart, Naomi Wachira, St. Paul de Vence, Le Wrens Tickets

Thank you.